Be Wary of Fire Hazards Within Your Walls

Red Electricians

No matter how cautious you are in handling extension cords or other electricals, there’s a silent hazard hidden within the walls of your home. Hundreds of thousands of house fires sill cause damages every year from faulty electrical systems. You need to watch out for electrical wires hidden within your walls and have them fixed immediately to prevent putting your home and family at risk. 

Warning Signs of Electrical Hazards

  • Circuit breakers frequently trip or fuses blow.
  • Appliances have a slight electrical shock when plugged into the wall.
  • A burning smell coming from particular appliances or rooms.
  • Flickering lights.
  • Spark when you plug appliances in outlets.
  • Switches feel warm to the touch.
  • You find exposed and frayed wiring.

The best way to handle a possible electrical hazard is to call an electrician to come to take a look at your electrical system. 

Now, be wary about the top three fire hazards hiding behind your walls and causing these problems.

  • Old Wiring. Electrical wiring usually lasts 30 to 40 years. If you just moved into a newly built home, this won’t matter. However, if you live in an older home, you might have no idea how old the wiring is. 
  • Loose Outlets. This isn’t just a bother. Loose connections can produce a lot of heat and start a fire.
  • Arc Faults. If you ever saw sparks fly from a power outlet, you just witnessed an arc fault. This can happen out of sight within the walls if you accidentally puncture the insulation surrounding wires.

If you need help removing the fire hazards hidden in your walls, contact Red Electricians today.