Common Causes of a Tripped Circuit

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There are so many instances that could trigger your circuit breaker. Some of these are harmless, but others could be putting you and your family in danger. It is very important to know these common causes of the usual tripped circuits. At Red Electricians, our teams of licensed and experienced electricians are well-prepared to help you with your faulty electricity in your home.

Why Do Breakers Keep Tripping?

Overloaded circuits
This is the most common cause of a tripping breaker. It usually happens when you are running too many devices on the same circuit at the same time.

Short circuits
The more dangerous potential cause of a tripped breaker is a short circuit. It is caused when a hot or active wire touches another hot wire in one of your outlets. This results in a large current flow, creating more heat than it can handle.

Ground fault surges
A ground fault is similar to a short circuit, they are also dangerous. It occurs when it touches another grounding wire. It will result in total damage or faulty of your equipment.

Breakers can trip for so many reasons, and it is always important to know the cause of it. Safety is very important in dealing with any electrical problems. Do NOT attempt to inspect or repair any electrical issue unless you are sure it is safe and you have the right knowledge and expertise for the job. If your breakers are continuously switching, make sure that you contact the most reliable, efficient, and prompt electrician. And Red Electricians is the right one to call!

If you experience faulty electricity often, call the expert electrician at Red Electricians right away! We are on call to help with all your electricity needs. Call now and book a service with us today!