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Electrical receptacles or outlets are the connection between the electrical system and your electrical devices. No matter what kind of outlet you need, whether it’s a conventional duplex receptacle, a 240-volt receptacle, a GFCI receptacle, or a childproof receptacle, Red Electricians can install them for you safely and quickly.  Why Do I Need New Outlets? Outlets are a great way to conveniently plug-in electrical devices you need in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, living room, or basement. Having enough outlets allows easy access to electricity when you need it the most. It can be very inconvenient and even hazardous to run extension cords across the room to plug in any of your appliances or electrical devices. Having the right and high-quality kind of outlets can protect you and your family from all sorts of hazards, such as electrocution, electrical fires, or even keep small children from sticking their fingers or unknown objects in sockets. How much does the outlet installation cost? The cost to install an outlet depends on the following factors: 
  1. Condition of your wiring
If the assigned electrician finds out that your wiring needs to be repaired or replaced, the total cost of the outlet installation or replacement will rise. 
  1. Adding an outlet in a new location
If no wiring exists in the new location, such as a storage room, the cost to install the outlet will increase because the expert will have to add wiring from the electric panel to your new outlet. 
  1. The type of replacement outlet you choose Grounded outlets (found in kitchens and bathrooms, any wet areas) are more costly to install than standard outlets. Moreover, smart outlets are more expensive to install than a standard 3-prong outlet because they have advanced technology.
If you have the plan to install new outlets, you are free to get in touch with Red Electricals. Our team is ready to assist you with your request as soon as possible. You will surely not regret your decision of choosing our team to do the outlet installation in your home or business. Call 818-896-2791 and schedule a time to install updated outlets in your home or business that you need today!

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