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You can hope you never need them, but smoke detectors should be there to save your life under any circumstances. It is recommended that you go beyond the basic smoke detector requirements with hardwired, interconnected smoke alarms throughout your home.

Red Electricians is here to protect your family with smoke detector wiring and installation by our efficient and knowledgeable electricians who can make sure you have smoke alarms everywhere when you need them. Consider having a smoke detector installation when:

  • After home remodeling
  • After transforming a spare room to a bedroom
  • When your smoke detector alarms are more than 10 years old
  • If your smoke alarm has failed you sometimes

Why Choose Red Electricians?

Our licensed, certified, and experienced electricians arrive on-time for your appointment, guaranteed. With minimal disruption to your daily housework, we will inspect your current smoke alarm system, help make any repairs, and advise you about where to place the new ones. 

Whether it is a single installation or a new design for wired, interconnected smoke alarms, Red Electricians will complete the whole job the first time at affordable rates, with guaranteed quality of performance. We offer free quotes and upfront pricing for smoke detector installation. You will get the protection you and your family needs.

Call now to schedule a smoke detector installation service and rest assured our certified electricians will come running to you in no time. 

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